Cancer Concierge Network (CCN) is a non-profit organization that guides, educates, and refers people to holistic modalities. 

CCN was founded by Elizabeth Scott Wise, Executive Director. Elizabeth was diagnosed in 2002 and 2007 with Invasive Carcinoma Breast Cancer. This led her on an arduous journey to overcome not only cancer but also the trauma of a double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.

She found that supplementing her standard medical treatments with holistic healing therapies, and her strong faith foundation allowed a remission of her cancer and a return to wholeness.

CCN Wellness Center

Elizabeth's journey inspired her to found Cancer Concierge Network and CCN Wellness Center so that others could find their Pathway to Wellness. Teresa Figueroa, General Manager/Partner along with Connie Battle, Marketing Director/Partner facilitate the operations of CCN Wellness Center; the for profit Wellness Center that helps to support the non-profit.


Sandy Barrow - Owner of Kawehiskin Spa/Master Esthetician

Connie Battle - Minister of Divine Health and Healing

Paula M. Clagon - Clinical MT Instructor,Southbay Massage School/LMT

Teresa Figueroa - Reiki Master&Teacher,LMT,CHT

Monique Gray - Clinical MT Instructor,Southbay Massage School/Acupressure

Marty Phillips - Kangen Anti-Oxidant Water Educator


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