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McKayla Maroney, Gold and Silver Medalist of the USA Women's Gymnastics Team 2012  

I have been getting worked on by Teresa once a week for 3 years now.  She puts passion into everything she does and is very talented at her job!  She has not only been an inspiration to me, but she has been very influential to my gymnastics career.  She’s helped me get through 4 big surgeries, all sorts of injuries, muscle soreness, aches and pains.  All of the normal athlete's problems.


She has also given me a great number of stretches and ideas to improve and help prevent injuries from happening.  Along with some great advice regarding health, and fitness, etc., she’s very good at a numerous amount of things.  She can help just about everyone in some sort of way.


I have recommended Teresa to many people and they all love her.  She was even one of the people who helped me reach my dream goal of getting to compete at the 2012 Olympics in London where my team and I won the Gold, and I took home a Silver medal on the vault.  Currently, she is helping me train for the next Olympics in 2016.


I remember my first time meeting Teresa and getting a massage from her.  In that moment, I knew she was going to be an important person in my life.  I was right!

McKayla Maroney, Olympic Gymnast



Duncan Tooley, Mind Coach*Hypnotherapist*Hypnosis Teacher

Teresa is a fabulous massage therapist and wellness coach. I have worked with Teresa for at least five years as a colleague and as my massage therapist. Her rhythmic massage puts me into a state of ultra relaxation. She does superior work. She is the best!

Duncan Tooley.


Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas,PhD ♥ Hypnosis ♥ NLP Teacher • Coach • Consultant • President of the Int'l Hypnosis Federation &

"I highly recommend Teresa Figueroa as a very talented helper and healer. She truly has helped hundreds of people including Olympians. So if you are looking for quality massage, hypnosis and counseling.  Ms Figueroa is your best bet!" 

Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD 
President of the International Hypnosis Federation 






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