AromaTouch Technique
60 or 90 Minutes

This simple yet powerful technique developed by Dr. David Hill involves the application of 8 essential oils along the spine and feet to help with stress reduction, immune enhancement, inflammatory response reduction, and homeostasis in the body.

Reflexology Points

60 or 90 Minutes​
It is thought that the Reflexology points on the hands and feet connect to all of the organs of the body and also to the nervous system.  With a focus on the scalp, hands, and feet; along with complimetaryy aromatherapy, oftentimes you feel so deeply relaxed it is as though you just drifted away to your favorite vacation spot.

Every bodywork treatment is customized for the individual.   In addition, each session has a flair of east meets west incorporated within it.

Aromatherapy Treatments incorporate Doterra essential oils. For more information, go to



Therapeutic Massage

60 or 90 Minutes
Therapeutic Massage can target scar tissue with deep tisuue techniques, and other modalities such as Sports Massage target specific sports injuies from a particular sport (golf, tennis, gymnastics, etc) Also, aromatherapy, stretching, and pressure point techniques may be incorporated into the massage as needed.
Reiki Massage
60 or 90 Minutes​​

Reiki is simple yet powerful.  Reiki orginated in Japan and it has a profound way of aiding people with the elimination of stress, anxiety, and depression.  The restorative benefits of Reiki are multiplied when used in conjunction with Therapeutic Massage.

Guided Imagery Massage
​​60 or 90 Minutes

Guided Imagery Massage combines the effects of a soothing and relaxing massage that also allows you to create a safe sanctuary that you can take with you wherever you go.  This style of massage can also be combined with aromatherapy, warm stone, and some cranio-sacral techniques.

Facial + Massage Combo
90 Minutes

CCN Wellness has the privelege to work with Sandy Barrow, Master Esthetician and owner of Kawehiskin in Orange County. At this time, she has an introductory Special with CCN that combines the best of soothing and relaxation techniques for individuals as well as couples.

RELAXATION RETREAT - 45 Minute Massage/45 Minute Facial/10 Minute Sweet Feet - $85

ROMANTIC COUPLE RETREAT - 45 Minute Massage/45 Minute Facial/10 Minute Sweet Feet - $175

For more information regarding Sandy at Kawehiskin goto:


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Our Mission

Cancer Concierge Network ("CCN") gudies, educates and refers people to holistic modalities leading to pathways of health and wellness.

To Guide

CCN guides clients in the direction that will best fit their health and wellness needs. We offer complimentary "Victory" and Company mini retreats to introduce clients to holistic pathways.

To Educate

CCN educates clients on holistic modalities and offers classes and workshops on nutrition, herbs, stress and pain management

Our Goal

CCN's goal is to accept directed donations and offer the gift of hope, guidance, and suport to those in search of health and wellness through mind, body, and spiritual wholeness before, during, and after a health issue occurs.

To Refer

CCN refers clients to its preferred provider list of holistic practitioners and educators to learn self-care and enhance their quality of life.

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