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Vision Board - A Powerful Creation Tool

As the holiday season winds down and the end of 2014 is quickly approacching, I am taking the time to reflect upon the many goals and plans that I decided to create in my life for the year of 2014.

My number one goal for 2014 was to eliminate certain things in my life that no longer served me in order to attract and materialize what truly resonates with me.

One of the most powerful tools I have used to create and bring forth my dreams is the vision board. I have used this creation tool for the past 10 years and the reason I belive it worked so well for 2014 is the fact that I was willing to elimate that which no longer served me.

Most of us hear the word eliminate or the phrase "let go of somehing" and we go into fear mode. When this occurs you hear things like 'I have to have my ----fill in the blank________ We've always done it this way. My family always does it this way." So often the negative phrases that we hear are from the past and they are from someone else.

Now I know that 2015 will be even better than 2014 because I will do the following:

  • Eliminate what no longer serves me.

  • Pay attention to my self-talk (is it a fear based blocking thought from the past).

  • Partner with like minded people to encourage what I put on my board.

  • Use positve affirmations and immerse myself in what I desire to make material.

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